April Showers Bring Great Barbecue Wood Grilling: What to Do When It Rains

barbecue wood pellets

Even though it may be raining in your neck of the woods, do you want to get out there and do some barbecue wood grilling? Does it seem as if the rain never lets up long enough for you to grill like you’d want to? Yes, when spring arrives, it’s great – the weather gets nicer, the flowers bloom, and so forth. But, in a lot of places, it rains a lot, too. There are some tips to remember when it comes to keeping your barbecue wood pellets safe and protected when it’s wet outside.

Everything’s Better Dry 

If you have a gas grill, it wasn’t really designed to work in the rain. If you have an electric grill, it really wasn’t designed to work in the rain. No matter what kind of grill you have, keep one thing in mind: no grill was designed to be in the path of direct rainfall. In fact, nothing involved with grilling was supposed to be in direct rainfall, either. That includes our pellets. You’re going to want to store them in a dry, safe place at all times. 

barbecue wood grilling

Protection Before the Rain 

To protect your grill in the rain, you want to take steps to do so before it’s raining. Putting it under a patio should be fine, even under a tent, and so forth. Finding a great cover for your grill, whether it’s one that came with it or one that you buy later, is essential. In the event that you do store your grill under some kind of overhang, remember: it may not be best to cook in that exact spot. Remember: “water-resistant” is not a synonym for “waterproof.” The former can only handle but so much water, and you don’t want to test it out. 

If it Does Get Wet…

To use an analogy, (one that has hopefully never happened to you) have you ever gotten your phone wet? If you have, like so many, you instantly spring into action so that you can get it dry. You should have a similar feeling if your grill gets wet. Turn off all power supply, gas or otherwise (provided you can do so safely). Take out any food that may be in your grill and cook it inside. Once your grill has cooled down/is safe, take out all of the components that are removable. Then, dry them by hand. Do the same for the grill’s interior. 

Barbecue Wood Pellets for All Climates

After you’ve done all of the above, once your grill has dried, put those components back in. You may have read that and thought: “geez, that sounds like a lot of work.” It is. Which is one more reason why you want to keep your grill as dry as possible. Soon, these rains (like all others) will pass. When they do, you can enjoy your BBQ on your terms. To find the right wood pellets for grilling, you can purchase them through our site. 

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