Barbecue Pellet Recipes for Opening Day and All Spring Long 

barbecue pellet recipes

Are you looking for the yummy barbecue pellet recipes for the start of your favorite sports season? Now that spring has sprung, are you looking to have people over for BBQ? When the weather warms up and spring arrives, having an outdoor BBQ is practically a necessity. Whether it’s for a large group or a small group of people who’ve made a large impression in your life, you want to be able to offer the kind of food that makes an impression on them. That’s what these new recipes at our site can do. 

Nothing Nuts About Smoked Nuts 

“You’re putting nuts in the pellet smoker?” Absolutely we are. Why? Because they’re delicious. This recipe combines two of the absolute healthiest kinds of nuts, almonds and walnuts, for a heart-healthy dish with a hearty taste. All you have to add in terms of ingredients is the olive oil, our Knotty Rub, and salt. It only takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to cook these nuts in your smoker. Your friends and family will be thinking and talking about them for much, much longer than that. They taste great cold, but we think they’re even better if you serve them warm. 

garlic confit recipe

Breaking: A Confit Recipe for Breaking Bread 

“Breaking bread” is a wonderful expression that more or less means “to eat a great meal with people you haven’t done so with in a while.” That explains plenty of us in the spring, as it’s been a while since many managed to do any grilling. Sure, you could put butter or jam on your bread, something “usual,” or you could use this garlic confit recipe to put something on your bread that will make an incredible impression. Once the olive oil is bubbling and the garlic is softened, you’ll have an amazing confit indeed. 

Smoked Salsa to “Smoke” the Rest 

Store-bought salsa is exactly that: packaged, generic, something that someone, well, bought in a store. Between the prices and the sugar, it won’t make an impression on a cookout (to say the very least). However, what can do so: salsa that was cooked in your smoker. This salsa tastes amazing cold, of course, but don’t sleep on how good it tastes warm, either. Yes, you’re going to run it through a blender or food processor, but the salsa it makes will enliven any meal. 

A Barbecue Pellet to Go With Your Recipes 

These are just some of the new recipes that you’ll find at our site. The truth is that our barbecue pellets go with just about any dish, any meal. You can find a comprehensive list of recipes at our site. We’re always adding to it, too. That way, whenever you come by, there’s something new. Of course, if you’ve found a great recipe that our pellets go with, don’t be shy about telling us! You can mention it on each of our social media platforms. To find our pellets, you can buy them through our site or that of the Home Depot. 

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