Best BBQ Pellets and More: What’s New at Knotty Wood 

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Now that you have the best BBQ pellets, are you looking for ways to get the most out of them? Here at Knotty Wood, we don’t just make the pellets – we cook with them, too. So, we know how important it is to get as much as possible out of your grilling, to make the most delicious meals time and time again. We’ve been doing this for a long time, so we like to share our experience with our customers. As you may have seen, we put out videos on a fairly constant basis sharing our information with the world. We see it as one more way we can provide a better grilling experience. 

How to Clean Your Cast Iron 

If you’re like many folks, it’s been a minute since you cleaned your dutch oven. If you’re like us in this video, “a minute” is actually “a few years.” This video covers how to get it into a position to where it can be re-seasoned which, of course, is to pressure wash it first. As we understand, that’s not an option for everyone. By heating it up, we can expand the metal out, and open it up, so that when we wash it, it’s easier to clean out and start anew. To learn how it works, watch here. 

how to clean a cast iron skillet

Finding the Best Smoker 

A smoker grill is an investment. For many, it’s not unlike buying a car: you want one that you’ll be able to rely on for a long time to come. So, we decided to make a series of videos that show which pellet smokers work best for us. In our first video, we touched on the “Pitts & Spitts.” We use it just about every single day: for family, parties, and the like. It’s expensive, but is it worth it? You can find out here (but, spoiler: as we use it just about every day, that tells you something). Our videos don’t just touch on which pellet grills are good, but also how to get the most out of them. 

Is a Cheap Grill Worth the Money? 

“Pitts & Spitts” is not “Pitts & Spits & Discounts,” as that’s a pricey piece of machinery. So, we wanted to find out which of the affordable pellet grills could provide a grilling experience well above its price range. This video is our review of the “Z Grill.” There’s nothing “Z” grade about it. You certainly wouldn’t know it’s cheap with the grilling it provides. 

Best BBQ Pellets All Summer Long 

Those are just some of the recent videos that we’ve put out there. We’re always posting new content, finding new and easy to help inform our customers. We started Knotty Wood for many reasons, not the least of which was to provide other folks with a better cooking experience. These videos help to accentuate exactly that, letting you know what goes best with our grilling pellets. To experience our pellets for yourself, you can find them at our site or that of the Home Depot


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