Wood Barbecue Magic: Perfect Steaks for a Perfect Night

wood barbecue

Have you been trying to figure out the perfect romantic meal? Or, alternatively, have you been trying to find the perfect meal for any occasion? There are many reasons that, across generations, steak is considered special. Done right, steak is delicious in a way that essentially no other meal can be. Here at Knotty Wood, we provide the kinds of wood barbecue pellets that can make any steak this much better. Recently, we posted a video touching on how to make great steaks for a fantastic meal. 

Start at the Beginning: Ingredients 

In the video, you’ll note that we don’t scrimp when it comes to the steak. Indeed, that is some fat, thick rib-eye. (Frankly, it’s a bit challenging to write about the video without wanting some of that right now.) Beyond that, we also started with the right amount of pellets, too. How much is the right amount? The short answer is: “A bit more than you think you’ll need.” The last thing you want is to run out of pellets while you’re cooking. 

Second Steps to Ribeye Perfection 

Salt and pepper are, for the best stakes, not “optional” but rather, mandatory. If you watch the video, once the stakes have been properly coated in salt and pepper, it’s time to get them on the grill at 555 degrees. Our pellets can help the cooking in a variety of ways, not the least of which is how they can help to start the cooking that much easier. As our pellets “really get to temp fast,” they can make the entire cooking experience that much faster and more manageable. While they do so quickly, they don’t sacrifice anything in terms of quality. 

True Grill Cooking 

When it comes to cooking on a grill, far too many believe that “cooking” simply consists of “preparing the grill, preparing the food, putting it on the grill, and removing it when it’s done.” Sure, you can do that. But, to get the best meal out of these rib eyes, put them right over the sear plate. Then, as it flashes, flip them over. Once the flash returns, move them to the side. That’s real cooking – using all of the grills for the best cook. What’s the point of all that, you might ask? To seal the moisture in. 

wood barbecue

Final Steps and Removing the Fat 

After the above has been done, it’s easier to cut the steak than ever. As you do so, of course, you’ll find that it’s simple to remove the fat you don’t want. What you do want, of course, is all of the flavor – which the steak is absolutely bursting with. This is just one recipe, one meal, one thing you can cook with our pellets. There are so many other recipes available at our site and all over. To get our Wood Barbecue, you can buy them through our site or through Home Depot’s site. 

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