Smokehouse Pellets Recipes for the Hale and Hearty

smokehouse pellets

Do you want recipes to cook on the pellet grill that will fill you up whether it’s cold or warm outside? Have you been searching for new, delicious recipes that can put hunger pangs down pronto? At the time of this writing, Spring is just about to start but, in many places throughout the country, it can still be quite chilly indeed. These recipes can fit practically any palette or diet. Of course, no matter what you’re cooking on your pellet grill, our smokehouse pellets can make it that much better. 

Awesome Osso Buco 

“How am I going to cook a dish that is more or less an incredible stew on my pellet grill?” That’s a question we’ve been asked in the past about our Osso Buco recipe. The answer is: “by placing your Dutch Oven in the pellet grill.” Specifically, you’re going to do so early in the process, too, such as when your smoker preheats. This is one of those dishes that really shows off the versatility of what Smokehouse Pellets can do. Yes, it’ll simmer and cook for six hours (minimum), but when this dish is done, it’ll be oh-so-worth it. 

Pellet Grill-Pulled Pork Perfection

With our Pellet Grill-Pulled Pork recipe, what makes it exceptional is what makes it different. Specifically, you’re going to want to trim any excess fat from the pork shoulder before you begin cooking. To get the absolute best taste from it possible, you don’t want to just want to use our grilling pellets, you’re also going to want to rub down the pork shoulder with yellow mustard as well as our Knotty Rub. injecting the pork butt with the juice from a can of peaches can’t hurt, either. 

The Dish on Side Dishes 

Your pellet grill can cook the main course for any meal, day or night. However, what many experienced cooks have found is that your pellet grill can really come in handy when you’re cooking for large numbers of people. Your pellet grill can augment your cooking, as say your oven in the home is cooking the main course, and the pellet grill can handle the appetizers, side dishes, and so forth. Case in point: this recipe for croutons. It’s just one of the many recipes we have that make an entire meal that much better. 

smokehouse pellets

Smokehouse Pellets for Spring, Summer, and Beyond 

Each of the above recipes can be enjoyed at any time of year, in the afternoon, evening, morning, late night, etc. Smokehouse Pellets have essentially endless functionality, as they can be used to cook so much. That said, you want to be able to use them at their very best, too. After all, there’s no point in cooking something on your pellet grill for hours on end only for it to come out “OK” at best. That’s where our Smokehouse Pellets come in. You can find them here or at the site of Home Depot.

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