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knotty wood pellets

Here at Knotty Wood, our main concern is always the pellets. Creating our grilling pellets, day in and day out, from the beginning of the process through the end, is always our highest priority. That said, we do a lot more than just make pellets. There’s always something going on here at Knotty Wood, some way that we’re making things better for our customers. Below are just some of what we’re working on right now (in addition to our Knotty Wood pellets). 

Finding the Right Pellet Grill Smoker for Your Needs 

We’re always looking to provide the best in grilling pellets, yes. But, we’re more than just people who make grilling pellets; we’re people who grill, too. As people who grill, we have opinions on what kinds of grills that folks should use. Sure, pellets from Knotty Wood can make just about any grill better. That said, it’s even easier if you start with the best grill possible. So, this is a video we recently made which highlights our opinions on some of the grills out there. (We’re not going to tell you what we found because, well, we want you to watch the video.) 

Our March Contest Continues 

One of the best things about working here at Knotty Wood is that we get to connect with so many other great people. Case in point: the folks at Husky Buff. They genuinely do, as they say, make “apparel for the hardworking blue-collar man and woman.” Case in point, we’re giving away one of their top-quality flasks as well as some of our pellets. The contest runs throughout all of March, so if it’s still March by the time you read this, you have time to enter. Just like and share one of our posts while signing up for our newsletter at our site. We’ll announce the winner over email. 

Cabernet Knotty Wood Pellets 

Yes, we’re always working on something new here at Knotty Wood, but we don’t release it for sale until it’s genuinely right for our customers. Case in point: the Wine Cabernet pellets. It took a long time to find the perfect combination of premium red wine, almond orchard wood (exclusive to us), and just the right hint of oak. Drawing upon our extensive relationships with both winemakers as well as the agricultural industry, we’re now able to provide a new flavor of grilling pellet unlike anything else on the market. 

knotty wood pellets

Grilling Time is Here 

The above is just some of what we’re working on right now. By the time you read this, we may be working on something else entirely. The truth is that we’ve always got something cooking here at Knotty Wood, whether it’s “cooking” figuratively or literally. To see everything that we have to offer, you can check out here. Or, alternatively, you can see the products that we have available on The Home Depot site, too. Here’s to good cooking, food, and company.

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