Best Grilling Pellets for Competition, Company, and Anyone Else

Best Grilling Pellets

Are you looking for the right best grilling pellets to help you cook the kinds of meals that can help you rank highly in a contest? Or, alternatively, are you looking for the best BBQ pellets period? Here at Knotty Wood, we don’t believe that you should have to choose one or the other. We’ve added some new pellets to our roster, making them available to regular folks for the first time. That way, you can grill the kind of BBQ you want to, whether your judges are in a competition, your friends and family, or anyone else. 

Competition Grade Pellets 

For a while now, customers have been asking us some version of the question: “Hey, what’s the best blend of BBQ pellet flavor profiles?” We’ve offered many different kinds of pellets, each of which can fit many different kinds of grilling. But, folks wanted to know if there was a blend that fit as many as possible. That’s where our “Competition Blend Plummon Wood Barbecue Pellets” come in. 

The Best of Our Pellets: Combined 

They’ve been specifically designed to be a combination of our 100% Pure Almond and our 100% Plum Wood BBQ pellets. As such, they combine, in a very real way, the best attributes of both. So, they can cover as many different kinds of dishes as possible. You’ll get the mild, nutty flavor of the Almond as it meshes exactly with the sweetness of Plum. With that combination, you’ll find that this goes with everything. Not “most things” or “a strong majority of things” but, as we say, perfect for anything you grill.

Competition Blend 

We know there are those of you out there who love grilling to the point where you want to do it competitively. You have a talent and a taste for it, you know how good you are, and you want to see where you stack up. These pellets are a way for you to do exactly that – they can be your ally in those competitions when you’re going to be judged against the rest. When you want to be a grill master, these pellets can be your teammate, helping you get there. 

The Grillmaster of Your Family 

That being said, it’s not like you need to be in a judged competition to be able to enjoy these pellets. Far from it. Indeed, you can be the “Grillmaster” of the tailgate, of the party, or just of dinner with these pellets. As these are designed for all pellet smokers, grills, and dishes, these can help you to make the dishes that you and your guests want.

Best Grilling Pellets

Best Grilling Pellets for Those Who Want a Higher Level of Grilling 

While we’re quite proud of the competition blend that we offer, it’s not like this is all that we offer. Indeed, many dishes are best served with our Plum pellets, the Almond ones, our rub, and more. To see all that we offer, check out our site. 

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