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Grilling Pellets

Are you looking for a better way to snack? Do you want something more fulfilling than just another bag of chips? Are you planning on entertaining and want to make snacks that will, well, actually entertain folks? We’ve got you covered. Pellet grill smokers are great, but they aren’t just great for dinners and major entrees. You can use your grilling pellets to cook the kinds of snacks that make any get-together memorable. 


Anyone can open a bag of chips or put some cheese on a plate. If you really want an appetizer and/or snack that anyone can enjoy, bust out the tri-tip. This tri-tip recipe at our site (“bites” is a synonym for “snack” in this context) makes for a finger food that anyone can enjoy during a movie, game, sitting around, or anything else. Perhaps best of all: it doesn’t require much in the way of ingredients.

Garlic Bread 

Garlic bread is one of those items that, if you make it right, folks will remember forever. The key to garlic bread, we’ve found, is to go “all out.” Too many hear “garlic bread recipe,” and like, get some bread, maybe they toast it, slap some butter on, some garlic, and call it a day. No. That’s not how we do things here at Knotty Wood, as our garlic bread recipe indicates. Garlic salt. Paprika. Parmesan cheese. Parsley. One full stick of butter and, yes, a grill/smoker. All of those combined make for the kind of garlic bread that everyone will enjoy. 

Smoked Cream Cheese (Yes, Smoked Cream Cheese) 

Sometimes, you just want something to snack on. That’s what this smoked cream cheese recipe is. Now, it’s a bit more involved than you might think. It takes over two hours to get this right. You have to freeze the cream cheese first, then you have to smoke it for about ninety minutes and then let it cool for about ten minutes or so. But, all of that work is worth it. This is the sort of snack you make if you want to make something delicious and you’re into hearing the phrase “where did you get this recipe” dozens of times at your next get-together. 

Grilling Pellets

Grilling Pellets for All Foods 

The above are some of the ways that we can help you to snack that much better. Of course, if you click through each of those recipes, one ingredient is always included: Knotty Wood pellets. (In some recipes, such as the cream cheese, the Knotty Rub seasoning is necessary, too). You can get our products at our site or through the Home Depot site. Learn more here. Here’s to great snacking! 


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