Smokehouse Pellets for Scrumptious Desserts

smokehouse pellets

Do you want to use your pellet grill to serve your guests more than just the main dish meats? Are you looking to get even more use out of your pellet grill? Our Knotty Wood smokehouse pellets can be used to make chicken, ribs, and more. What many don’t realize is that this includes more than just other kinds of meat but extends to desserts as well. These are some of the more recent dessert recipes that are great to have in fall, winter, or any other time of year. 

Apricot Crisp: An Apex Dessert

Even at this late date, we’ll have people ask us how it’s possible to cook a dessert in your pellet grill. The answer is simple: by following a good recipe. Case in point, with 10 to 15 apricots, flour, salt, unsalted butter, brown sugar, and our pellets, you can make an apricot crisp in a little over an hour that pairs perfectly with vanilla ice cream. 

Truthfully, it may even be completed a little earlier than an hour, as you should only bake it until the top is crisp and browned while the fruit mixture bubbles. 

Lemon Olive Oil Cake That Leaves Other Desserts in the Dust 

You don’t need much in the way of lemons for a lemon olive oil cake that truly stands out. Rather, what you need is grated lemon zest, milk, baking powder, flour, table salt, an egg, and plenty of our Knotty Wood pellets. 

A Dessert for All Seasons: Apricot Dump Cake 

There are some desserts that take longer to make than others. But, those are also the ones that tend to be very much worth the wait. Case in point: our apricot dump cake recipe. Sure, it takes an hour to grill and you should let it cool on the counter for a few hours after it’s done cooking. 

But, when it is ready to eat, you’ll be able to experience the apricots, the sugar, and all of that browned goodness. If you’re making this for a holiday party, this apricot cake is a gift unto itself. 

smokehouse pellets

Smokehouse Pellets for That Perfect Flavor 

Desserts are great to make on the grill. We’ve also got recipes for how you can incorporate your pellet grill into fantastic adult beverages, too. If there’s something you’d like to cook, whether for your guests or yourself, odds are that you can use your pellet grill to do so. What we can tell you so that you can absolutely use our wood pellets to make your grilling that much better. Between our almond pellets and plum pellets you can find a flavor that pairs perfectly with the dish of your choice.

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